KrynicaChair of the NGO, Grzegorz Piskalski, will participate in the panel on social clauses in public procurement along with the directors of the Supreme Audit Office and the Public Procurement Office.

czw | 01 wrz 2016 | 14:24

MonZZP PLOur project “Strengthening of the monitoring of application of sustainable public procurement in Poland” aimed at increasing the scale of SPP application in 80 institutions in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice and Poznań.

The application of social clauses in public procurement is of great importance to the entire labour market in Poland. In industries such as cleaning or security services, the share of public procurement totals 60 and 40%, respectively.  

czw | 14 lip 2016 | 14:17

ŻółteThe first intervention relates to a tender for security services in the Bielany district in Warsaw.

CentrumCSR.PL Foundation and the National Committee of NSZZ “Solidarność” trade union decided to further collaborate in promoting sustainable public procurement.

śr | 01 cze 2016 | 14:26

An international  conference “Sustainable Public Procurement. From tackling the problem of the lowest price criteria to monitoring global supply chains” was organised on March 15th. The participants discussed on how, through public procurement, public institutions can affect people and the environment. The discussion involved the scale of application of the socially responsible and green procurement in Poland, presentation of solutions applied in Western Europe and Scandinavia, and opportunities for cooperation with promoting sustainable solutions in Central Europe.

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czw | 31 mar 2016 | 11:24

Centrum FES Dialog.pngCentrumCSR.PL Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and „Dialog” Centre for Social Partnership

invite to a seminar:

Sustainable Public Procurement
From tackling the problem lowest price criteria to monitoring global supply chains.
Warsaw, March 15th, 2016

pt | 05 lut 2016 | 13:16

In November, we took a study tour in Norway, where we had the opportunity to share our experiences with our partners – representatives of Norwegian NGOs, universities and public institutions popularising innovative solutions in sustainable development.4. Uczestnicy wyjazdu z aktywistami z Changemaker i Jensem Stoltenbergiem, byłym premierem Norwegii, uzależnionym od ropy naftowej

czw | 28 sty 2016 | 15:16

Increasingly more social clauses – yet still too few to talk about success. Stagnation in the application of environmental criteria. Non-price criteria for offer assessment applied as meeting formal requirements. You are welcome to read the results of Phase II of monitoring of the sustainable public procurement implementation!

czw | 08 paź 2015 | 12:41

Polish Procurement Law allows to use Socially Responsible and Green Public Procurements. We should ask why such solutions are so rarely used. There are our conclusions and recommendations presenting what should we do to make Sustainable Public Procurement a common practice in Polish public institutions.

śr | 07 paź 2015 | 12:57

Only 12 social clauses in 660 analysed announcements and 22% of announcements with „green” aspects applied. The results of the first stage of our monitoring are devastating! Who are the leaders and laggards?

pt | 05 cze 2015 | 14:55

The objective of the project is to increase the scale of implementation of sustainable public procurement among institutions covered by the monitoring, as well as generating public debate regarding the application of socially responsible and green public procurement. Increase in the public opinion’s interest in this issue and popularisation of the topic will cause increased acceptance for the application of sustainable solutions in public procurement and thus increase in the scale of their application.

wt | 14 kwi 2015 | 14:53