Our Institute comments on the planned housing strategy of Warsaw


We argue for putting GPP (Green Public Procurement) criteria in the planned Warsaw Housing Standard.

Such a move will enable a wider rollout of public tenders that are good for the environment and at the same time make the comfort of living in public housing higher.

We suggest adding the paragraph below to page 58 of the planned policy:

„The usage of sustainable public procurement at each phase of the investment cycle (project, construction, revitalisation) an important tool of implementing the Warsaw Housing Standard. It will include ie. tender requirements promoting the usage of GPP (Green Public Procurement) criteria”.

In our letter sent during the consultations we argue that using ecological clauses in public tenders is important when trying to acchive the aims of such strategic documents as the climat and energy of the European Union, the Stategy for Responsible Development created by the Polish government or the ADAPTCITY Strategy of Adapting to Climate Change developed and implemented at the local level in Warsaw.

We also take notice of ecological problems already having a negative impact on the quality of life in Warsaw, such as smog, low levels of recycling or high levels of noise. Sustainable public procurement – also in the housing sector – can play a part in tackling these problems while at the same creating a positive image of Warsaw as an innovative city.