We comment on the new working plan of the Public Procurement Office

gp-kwadrat-300x300b-kozekThe Public Procurement Office (PPO) published „The National Working Plan Regarding Sustainable Public Procurement for 2017-2020″. It aims to set the framework of promoting SSP in the public authorities.

The Instutute for Sustainable Public Procurement decided to comment on the report, pointing out its lack of ambition and using conserative methods of promoting tenders positively influencing the quality of live and the environment.

Our remarks include:

- Underestimating the scale of not using social and environmental clauses in public tenders.

- Lack of ambition regarding the targets for sustainable public procurement (5% growth in using social clauses and 10% for environmental ones in 2020 relative to 2016).

- Lack of vision of their promotion and implementation.

- Lack of proper evaluation of efficiency of PPO activities in recent years.

- Limited scale of education activities such as conferences, trainings.

- Promoting cooperation with trade unions, employees’ associations and NGOs in the area of SPP.

- Working with social actors (including companies and civic mevements) in promoting SPP proinciples amongst public opinion.

- Active promotion of SPP in activities of the office (using Fair Trade Products, recycled paper, catering from the social economy sector etc.).

- More robust promotion of good practices, innovations and possibilities of international cooperation for better public tenders.